Camping Update June 2023​

Camping Update June 2023​

Campground update for the Bridgeport District of the Humboldt-Toiyabe National Forest, posted June 6th, 2023:

• Chris Flat, Closed due to flooding and road erosion/damage as of 5/24 (advise visitors to stay out of the area)

• Bootleg campground, Open- First come first serve- potable water and flush toilets available

• Green Creek campground/group sites, Closed due flooding and road and road damage – there is 3’ of standing extending a mile , blocking access to both the campground and Green Creek trailhead (no anticipated opening date)

• Trumbull campground, Closed not yet scheduled to open 

• Obsidian campground, Closed due to flooding and severe road damage

• Leavitt Meadows, Scheduled to open by 16 June 

• Sonora Bridge, Scheduled to open on 09 June 

• Buckeye- Opened today 02 June 

• Honeymoon Upper, Open First come first serve, potable water available

• Honeymoon Lower, Open, reservations available on, potable water available

• Robinson North, Open reservations and first come first serve, potable water available

• Robinson South, Open reservations, some sites being monitored for flooding, potable water available

• Paha, Open- reservations on, potable water available (one site closed due to damage)

• Matterhorn, Open, first come first serve, potable water available

• Lower Twin, Open, by reservation, some sites blocked due to flooding, potable water available

• Crags and Crags group, Open by reservations and first come first serve, potable water available

• Virginia Creek, Not yet scheduled to open

The campgrounds in the Mammoth Lakes Basin are all closed. Plowing is going to start in a week or so and the goal is to have them open by the 4th of July. But this is not guaranteed so please check before coming to camp. This update is from the Town of Mammoth Lakes…. 

– The Town is planning to begin clearing snow from Lake Mary Road and throughout the Lakes Basin on Monday, June 19, 2023. This activity is estimated to take approximately 5-7 days, pending the composition of the deep and dense snowpack. 

– Once cleared, the road will open for USFS administrative, utility and contractor access to begin operations to safely reopen the Lakes Basin for permitted operators and summer visitation. 

– The U.S. Forest Service – Inyo National Forest will determine the opening date for the Lakes Basin.

– The Town will provide regular updates to the public regarding the opening of the Lakes Basin.

We realize that this list is not complete but this is the information we have as of 6/10/23

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